D200R with towbar 10 cmD200R with towbar 10 cm
D200R with towbar 10 cm


Technical data

Power package Deutz diesel, 3 cylinders with integrated oil-cooling. 35,8 kW.
Burner Bentone 200 kW / 667,000 BTU.
Patent pending high performance electric fan unit with two fan speeds. Max flow 9500 m³/h / 5592 CFM. Max pressure 8 kPa / 1,16 PSI.
Temperature + 10ºC / + 50ºF – + 115ºC / 239ºF . with presets + 30ºC / 86ºF and + 60ºC / 140ºF

​The heater is equipped with a tow bar which activates the brakes on the rear wheels. The heater is equipped with engine, diesel, battery heating and battery charger as standard.


Hose longer than std 7,5 meters / 295 inch.
Two hoses
 Beacon light.
Spare parts kit
GPS positioning system
Optional colors and logos

More details 

13 inch pneumatic, reinforced tires.
Hatches are supported by gas cylinders.
Chassis, frame, roof and hatches made of stainless steel.
New and highly efficient heating fan for fuel savings.
Clean and open design enables easy service access.
10 m long / 394 inch PVC coated, 275 mm / 11 inch diameter, heater air hose with very resistant PCA connection to aircraft as standard. Patented PCA connection to the cabin, made of nylon with a neoprene seal. The connection is UV resistant and resistant to chemicals and fuel.
New burner 200 kW is fuel saving.
Heat exchanger is made from stainless steel.
1000 hours service intervals.
Fuel capacity 265 litres / 70 gallon.
Operating time 36 hours.


Length   2360 mm   93 in
Width     1600 mm   63 in
Height    1525 mm   60 in
Weight   1365 kg     3009 lbs

certificates and patents

Patent pending PCT/SE2015/051055