What is the difference between the D120R and D120 HYBRID?
The D120R is a stand-alone diesel machine. It powers the fan using a Deutz 2 cylinder genset. On D120 HYBRID the user can choose to power the fan via external electric grid (using 16 Amp connection). When running in this mode, the Deutz 2 cylinder genset does not have to be in operation, which increases the runtime of the unit. Both the D120R and D120 HYBRID use a diesel burner to create heat.

Can we lease?
Yes, if there's a Swedish recipient of the invoice.

Can you mount your heaters on trucks?
Yes, we are often asked to mount our heaters on eg. Iveco trucks.

What are the service intervals for the diesel heaters?
1000 hours and/or between every season

Do you offer colour options?
Yes, the heaters can be painted or taped in a variety of different RAL colours.

Service parts?
Since most manufactured within the Group, or through established quality contacts, we can ensure the most service parts.

Can the control panel information be localized into any language?
Sure, we have already delivered custom language panels in Norwegian, English, Swedish, German and Russian. 

What are the General Sales and Delivery Conditions?