About us

Nordic Heater is a Swedish company that manufactures aircraft heaters for all types of aircraft; from small civilian aircraft to large military and civilian aircraft. One size doesn’t fit all, which is why we produce heaters that have different heating capacities and run on either electricity or diesel.

Nordic Heater's aircraft heaters can be used for both cabin heating and engine deicing.

We focus on quality, durability and safety in our design and manufacturing process. This means that we design, manufacture and sell aircraft heaters of the highest quality.

We always keep the user in mind, and ensure that our heaters are simple to use on the ramp.

By having total control over the manufacturing process we are able to constantly develop and customize our products depending on the needs of our customers.

Our products help our customers achieve higher revenues and lower their operating costs. 

In the past two yeears we have met many customers, old friends and interested stakeholders. These meetings took place at the NAIS Exhibition in Moscow, the Ground Handling Expo in Las Vegas, and not least inter airport Europe in Munich during October 2015

During the trade fair in Munich, Nordic Heater released the following press release.

Nordic Heater has 25 years of aircraft heater manufacturing experience and is owned by Thomas Melin, who is also the CEO.

Nordic Heater a part of the Steelex AB Group. Steelex Group includes the companies Nordic Heater, also Stockholm Water Jet and Steelex.

our certifications

BV Certification ISO 90011BV Certification ISO 90011
BV Certification ISO 9001
BV Certification ISO140011BV Certification ISO140011
BV Certification ISO14001
BV Certification OHSAS 180011BV Certification OHSAS 180011
BV Certification OHSAS 18001
Patent pending PCT/SE2015/051055